About Us

Since 2012, Mingseal has established both sophisticated sales and after-sales service teams in South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and many other countries and regions. In addition, we have also built long-term collaborative relationships with many world famous electronic enterprises, such as Sunny Optical, Kunshan Q-Tech, Goertek, Liteon Technology, Shicoh Motor, Nidec, Sonion Electronics, AAC, Samsung Electronics and many others.

Mingseal’s production bases and warehouses cover an overall area of 4,200 square meters. Our production workshop employs a 6s workplace organization methodology and achieves high annual production capacity, easily reaching 3,000 units of intelligent equipment and production lines.

In our fine processing workshop, diverse large-size machining centers are outfitted. They are dedicated to the processing and production of high-precision piezoelectric dispensing valves.

The Mingseal assembly and commissioning workshops are located on both the first floor and the second floor. The first floor is mainly responsible for the assembling and commissioning of intelligent production lines, and the second floor is mainly involved in the assembling and commissioning for the desktop dispensing system, micro-spot welding system, and soldering robots.