Vision-guided dispensing robot

The vision-guided dispensing robot is ideal for performing dispensing process in narrow gaps. With a thickness of 0.12mm, there is no overflow, which ensures that this inaccurate adhesive dispensing is minimized, as well as ensuring an ultra-low dispensing height is prevented.

Non-contact dispensing is utilized, which avoids damage to work pieces. Users can also adjust the welding joint size in order to achieve precise control over the adhesive’s overflow.

Open-loop VCM
With non-contact dispensing, secondary damage to welding joints is largely avoided. Using our specially customized nozzle, excess feeding ( a common issue with traditional nozzles) is avoided. Mingseal’s injection dispensing valve completely prevents this problem, effectively guaranteeing an accurate and continuous dispensing process.

Close-loop VCM (Voice coil motor)
The adhesive overflow width in the dispensing starting area is easily controlled to within 0.2mm, with a customized siphon height based on exact customer requirements.

Our product achieves precision positioning with no abnormal interruptions to dispensing and siphoning. The wafer’s groove is also perfectly fed.

Mingseal provides a range of under filling solutions based on the chip’s size and distribution on the bottom, thus allowing for a perfect under filling result.

Mingseal’s non-contact dispensing system effectively avoids unnecessary product damage and wire stretching, as well as offers accurate control of the dispensing accuracy, within a stable width of 0.35mm.

Cellphone assembly
Our product is suitable for hot melt adhesive dispensing for cell phones with relatively narrow frames. Dispensing can be carried out to a width of 0.28mm.

The width and height of adhesive overflow wire is strictly controlled. Automatic monitoring and adjustment of the adhesive dispensing amount are also available, allowing for a 5% or smaller tolerance of adhesive weight on the surface mounted board.

Fingerprint Identification Module
The size of the welding joint can be adjusted, and the chip size and distribution along the bottom may be customized.

Cellphone Battery
Mingseal’s solutions offer strict control of the width and height of the adhesive overflow to ensure there is no interference in assembly processes down the line.