Open-loop VCM
When welding enameled wires, the welding energy and pressure output remains stable so as to allow welding in small spaces while still preventing burning of LCP (liquid crystal polymer) materials.

During hot riveting, LCP material will produce zero cracking, and the riveted joint will have a smooth and round shape. Off-centering of the optical axis is completely avoided, a phenomenon that is often a result of uncontrollable pressure during locating the pin’s hot riveting process.

Close-loop VCM
OIS enameled wire welding allows for a welding efficiency that is doubled or even further improved when compared to traditional welding technologies. It also features a stable welding energy and pressure output.

Magnet wire spot welding can also be used to weld small solder pads and thin metal cladding. During the welding process, a durable welding effect is created.